Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Margaritas!

So this blog post is well...interesting.  I help order lunch for my office a few days a week- we all pick up different tasks around the office, and this one is mine.  Normally any problems we have with the food, is they forgot an order.  Easy enough to call and have fixed...well this week, that was NOT the case.  I ordered some quesadillas and chips and salsa for everyone to share.  There are about 15 people in the I said a few orders that 15 people could share! 

Well... when the order arrived - she had 15 orders of EACH!!! Way too much food and WAY too expensive for a lunch.  I felt so bad, that I figured the only way I could make it up, is to bake (plus it always cheers me up after a long stressful day)  Since today is Cinco de Mayo, I thought it would be cute to do lime flavored cupcakes with sprinkles around the outside (like the salt) and a colorful straw. I didn't have time to find mini-umbrellas..but they still came out super cute (and YUMMY).  What do you think?


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